Send Your Light

Psalm 43:3 (CSB): Send your light and your truth; let them lead me.
Let them bring me to your holy mountain,
to your dwelling place.

I came across this prayer written by Karl Barth circa 1960. It reminds me of two things. First, though the world progresses, the needs of humanity never change. Second, though the needs of humanity are continually present, God’s ability to meet those needs never changes. He is able.

“O Lord our God and Father, we are thinking now of all the needs, great and small, of this present time and world of ours: of the millions of hungry people, compared to whom we have it so good; of the dark threat of the atomic bomb to our beautiful earth; of the perplexity with which the great statesmen and stateswomen face the task of speaking a reasonable word to each other; of the pain of the ill and the confusions of the mentally ill; of the many failures of our public order and of the insanity of most of our customs and habits; of all the vanity and going in circles that also exists in our intellectual and cultural life; of the insecurity and weakness also of our church life; of so much worry and complication in our family life; and also, finally, of all the particular things that may distress and burden each individual among us today.

Lord, let there be light! Lord, break, crush, and destroy all the power of darkness!

Heal us, Lord, and we shall be whole—if it cannot yet be altogether, then in part and in anticipation, as a sign that you live and that in spite of everything, we are your people, whom you lead through everything to your glory. You alone are good. You alone are due honor. You alone can and will help us. Amen.”

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